Common Plumbing Problems

I’ve been a plumber in the field for many years and have made a solid living installing and maintaining pipes, toilets, drains, and everything else that you can imagine which relates to plumbing services. I’ve dealt with panicking customers and extremely gracious ones- after I’ve completed the job. The thing is, I’ve had so many people call me who were panicking because they decided that they didn’t want to shell out the money to hire a plumber, and instead decided that it would be a good idea to fix their toilet, faucet, or drain themselves, and 8 times out of 10 they end up making it worse and have to call me for an emergency. Here’s the thing, when you take on the chore yourself you’re playing with the potential of making things worse. If you’re trying to fix your leaky toilet, for example, there are certain steps that need to be followed, otherwise you may have a flood on your hands. I cannot recount the mount of times that I had to run out to a clients house in order to fix the mess that they made. And because of the severity of the problem, they are being charged considerably more than they would have been if they had called before the plumbing problem got out of hand. Need an Ajax emergency plumber in a hurry? Give us a call!

One of the biggest mistakes that I’ve encountered from visiting a client’s house on an emergency call is that they forgot, or had no idea that they we supposed to turn off their water, and this can cause major damage and stress. Before you decide to take on any DYI project, ensure that you know what you’re doing, because like the electrical components of your home, the area of plumbing should not be “fooled around: with by someone who doesn’t know what they are ding. I’ve visited many homes who cost themselves thousands of dollars due to water damage, all because they didn’t know to turn off the water source, In fact, one customer had over $10,000 in damage caused by neglect. Do you want to risk this? I thought not, so if you’re not going to call a professional to do the work, at least have the smarts to research and take the proper precautions before you tale on a plumbing job that you assumed was a walk in the park. Or at least, call a professional to ask questions prior to starting the task.


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